Corporate Email Solutions

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Email is a convenient and cost-effective way to tell existing and potential customers about offers, to respond to queries and provide customer support. Email messages can be used to highlight special offers and new products and can help drive traffic to your website.

Email marketing has the benefit of lower costs and higher response rates than traditional marketing mailings. It is also easy to track responses so that you can easily test what works and tweak your emails to increase response rates.

Email marketing is a great way to engage and inform prospective customers after they have found you while building your brand, and to keep current customers engaged and informed about your business and industry.

Email marketing should be used to send the right messages, to the right people, at the right time; however, we all get a lot of emails each day. Some are annoying and spams, while others are welcomed, entertaining, and serve some type of purpose. Ideally, your company is creating an email marketing campaign that is the latter. Email marketing can be tricky, but it can be highly effective if done correctly.

The challenge for most businesses is they want to push out sales related information, such as new products or services. Unless it is from an online retailer running a sale or announcing a new product though, people tire of seeing promotional emails. As a business, your goal should be to provide them benefit through email marketing.

Our goals with email marketing are to grab the reader’s attention, pique their interest and deliver high-quality messaging that drives them back to your website. Email marketing also allows us to very accurately track engagement and conversions so we can give you executive-level reporting on how well the effort is working.